Contestant Profile
Gender Male
Total Rewards 2
Total Punishments 1

Berwick Castle

Placement 6/13
Challenge(s) Won 2
Vote(s) Against 8
Rewards Received 2
Punishments Received 1
Twitter is a contestant from Finale: Berwick Castle.

Finale: Berwick CastleEdit

In Berwick Castle, Twitter is remembered for his tight alliance with Taco, which indirectly eliminated him when he rewarded Taco with Steal Immunity, causing Taco to take his immunity and get him voted out. Twitter is also remembered for his bad luck throughout the game, seen in his Dud Reward and ironic elimination.

Twitter is first Rewarded in "I Thought Everyone Won The Game!" by Taco, but it turns out to be a dud. In the next episode, Twitter wins immunity, and returns the favor by Rewarding Taco, who gets immunity.

Twitter is Rewarded by Taco again in "The Only Game I Played Before This Was Sex" , this time getting immunity.

Wanting to return the favor yet again, Twitter Rewards Taco again in "NO ONE LIKES YOU OR YOUR UGLY FREAKING FACE", after winning his second immunity. This friendly guesture backfires when Taco ends up with Steal Immunity, and takes Twitter's immunity from him. At the elimination, Twitter and his ally Taco are the only two to vote for Pandora, while everyone else votes Twitter, sending him home.

Voting HistoryEdit

Twitter's Voting History
Episode Twitter's
Voted Against
1 Morka
2 Lila
3 Red
4 Pornstache
5 Sherlock Jessica, NyanCat, King Marshall, Sherlock
6 King Marshall
7 Pandora Jessica, NyanCat, Pandora, Tiffany


  • Twitter was played by NateNJ14.