Contestant Profile
Gender Male
Total Rewards 3
Total Punishments 1

Berwick Castle

Placement 5/13
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 4
Rewards Received 3
Punishments Received 1
Taco is a contestant from Finale: Berwick Castle.

Finale: Berwick CastleEdit

Taco is remembered as one of the most controverisal and visible characters in Berwick Castle. Throughout the game, Taco had alliances with Graham and Twitter, the latter seen through the Rewarding by Taco to Twitter and vice versa. Taco won the most immunities in the season, including one from Twitter, which ultimately caused his elimination.

In "I CAN NOW CONCLUDE THAT MORKA IS THE MURDERER" , people, (mostly Pornstache), claimed Taco was trying to eat them.

In "I Thought Everyone Won the Game!", Taco won his first immunity, and Rewarded Twitter, who he felt bad for. However, Twitter received a dud. On the way back to the castle, Taco is tripped. At first, he thinks it is Red, but then realizes it was really Lila who, according to Taco, was trying to frame Red.

Taco was Rewarded for the first time by Twitter in "A Sure Sign of Gay" , giving him immunity. At the elimination, Red is eliminated, and Punishes Taco with Mute, which is found ironic and hilarious by the host and cast. Taco is unhappy with the fact that he must be silent, and asks if he can use hand guesters.

Despite being muted, Taco wins immunity again in "The Only Game I Played Before This Was Sex", and again Rewards Twitter, who receives immunity this time.

Taco wins immunity again in Is "There ANY Surprise?" and "BUT IT IS HELL OUT THE OTHER END!".  At the double elimination, Taco is shocked to see that Taco's family is being served for dinner. Horrified, Taco cries.

Taco's immunity streak continues in "NO ONE LIKES YOU OR YOUR UGLY FREAKING FACE", despite the fact that Twitter won the challenge. After winning the challenge, Twitter Rewards Taco with Steal Immunity, in effect taking Twitter's immunity away from him. Taco seems sorry, but pretty much unphased. At the elimination, Taco's father is served for dinner, and in an ironic twist, Twitter is sent home, Taco holding his immunity.

Taco is eliminated in "Really This Final Is Making Me Barf" along with Pandora in a double elimination.

Voting HistoryEdit

Taco's Voting History
Episode Taco's
Voted Against
1 Morka NyanCat
2 Lila
3 Jessica
4 Pornstache
5 Sherlock
6 King Marshall
7 Pandora
8 Pandora NyanCat, Pandora, Jessica


  • Taco was played by 1dra7.