Contestant Profile
Gender Male
Total Rewards 1
Total Punishments 1

Berwick Castle

Placement 10/13
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 6
Rewards Received 1
Punishments Received 1
Pornstache is a contestant from Finale: Berwick Castle.

Finale: Berwick CastleEdit

In his first season, Pornstache (shortened as Porn), was remembered for being loud and creepy, along with continuously questioning the sexuality of Sherlock. It wasn't until "A Sure Sign of Gay" that Sherlock finally confessed his love for Porn, who was eliminated the following episode. Porn was also the leader of the #PornstachesBitches mega-alliance, made up of Lila (who was eliminated early), King Marshall, Sherlock, Jessica, Tiffany, and Twitter (who betrayed him). 

Porn received the first Reward of the season in "I CAN NOW CONCLUDE THAT MORKA IS THE MURDERER", which was immunity.

In "The Only Game I Played Before This Was Sex" , Porn was punished by Taco with +1 Vote, which ultimately sent him home with one vote over Tiffany, who ironically went on to win the season.

Porn was shown to have a notable rivarly with Taco throughout the season. Often pointing out Taco's "cannibalism," despite Taco being a food and not human.

Follwing his elimination, Porn, along with Sherlock, said their goodbyes, Sherlock claiming that they had just had sex. Sherlock is shown blaming Taco for the elimination, while Pornstache calls all of the contestants "dirty players" and leaves.

Voting HistoryEdit

Pornstache's Voting History
Episode Pornstache's
Voted Against
1 Morka
2 Graham
3 Red NyanCat
4 Pandora NyanCat, Twitter, Taco, Graham


  • Pornstache was played by Fann Y. Fiction the 2010th.