Contestant Profile
Gender Female
Total Rewards 0
Total Punishments 0

Berwick Castle

Placement 13/13
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 9
Rewards Received 0
Punishments Received 0
Morka is a contestant from Finale: Berwick Castle.

Finale: Berwick CastleEdit

Because of the fact that she was the umpteenth LongLiveLion parody, Morka was immediately disliked by other players from the start. Constantly the target of jokes, Morka was called "evil" by King Marshall and claimed to be a murderer by Sherlock.

In "I CAN NOW CONCLUDE THAT MORKA IS THE MURDERER", Morka was framed by Sherlock, and was the first person to be eliminated.

Voting HistoryEdit

Morka's Voting History
Episode Morka's
Voted Against
1 Pandora Lila, Pandora, King Marshall, Sherlock, TwitterPornstache, Taco, Tiffany, Red


  • Morka was played by LongLiveLion.
  • Morka is the first person to be eliminated in Finale history.
  • Morka went on to compete in Rejectvivor: Australia, a series dedicated to reviving "rejected" or "failed" roleplay characters. She placed 9th. 

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