Contestant Profile
Gender Male
Total Rewards 3
Total Punishments 3

Berwick Castle

Placement 8/13
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 8
Rewards Received 3
Punishments Received 3
Graham is a contestant from Finale: Berwick Castle.

Finale: Berwick CastleEdit

Graham holds the record for most Punishments recieved in his original season, Berwick Castle. With many allies, and the traumatizing experience of almost being voted out, Graham managed to make it to 8th place, before he was finally voted out in a double elimination, not even making the jury.

In "I CAN NOW CONCLUDE THAT MORKA IS THE MURDERER" , Graham creates an alliance with Morka, and is one of the few contestants who does not vote for her during the elimination, but rather Pandora. Thanks to her former ally Morka, Graham is Rewarded with x2 Votes at the Grand Finale ceremony.

Graham decided to not participate in the challenge in "I Thought Everyone Won The Game!", instead walking around waiting for the other contestants to finish. With Morka gone, Graham made new alliances with Jessica and Sherlock. At Finale, Graham is shocked to see that he is in the bottom two with Lila, only to be saved by his Reward given by Morka, keeping him from the tiebreaker, and sending Lila home. Despite staying in the game, Graham is left traumatized. Before going, Lila Punishes Graham with a Challenge Cripple.

This post-traumatic nervousness of almost being voted out follows Graham throughout the first half of the season, up until he is eliminated.

It was Taco who pursuaded Graham to flip on Sherlock and vote out his lover Pornstache in "The Only Game I Played Before This Was Sex" . From this point on, Graham was allied with Taco and his closest ally Twitter, along with Jessica for backup.

Graham is both Rewarded and Punished in "Is There ANY Surprise?" He is Rewarded by Taco after he wins the challenge, and is eventually Punished by Sherlock after being eliminated. Rewarded with x3 Votes, Graham had used two on Sherlock.

In "BUT IT IS HELL OUT THE OTHER END!" , Graham can not be Punished as part of the double elimination twist. After winning immunity, Taco Rewards Graham, however, it is a Reward Pass, so Graham gives it to Jessica, proving his loyalty for her remained. At the Finale, Graham ties with King Marshall, but Jessica breaks the tie to decide who will be on the jury. Ironically, she chooses King Marshall, sending Graham home first. The last person able to have a Grand Finale, Graham Rewards Taco.

Voting HistoryEdit

Graham's Voting History
Episode Graham's
Voted Against
1 Pandora
2 Lila JessicaLila, NyanCat, Pornstache, Tiffany
4 Pornstache
5 Sherlock (x2)
6 King Marshall NyanCat, King Marshall, Tiffany


  • Graham was played by Ginga Ninja Jack.