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Gender Female
Total Rewards 0
Total Punishments 0


Placement 8/12
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 1
Rewards Received 0
Punishments Received 0
Dusk is a contestant from Finale: Broadway.

Finale: BroadwayEdit

Dusk is remembered as arguably the least memorable contestant of her original season. Very quiet, Dusk was rarely given screentime due to not saying much of anything. However, Dusk was a part of her noteworthy trainwreck performance with YOLOnda.

Dusk is the first person chosen by Florence in "Okay, Now Regretting My Decision...". Florence also picks Ariel and YOLOnda, and the four become "The Mermaids." Dusk only says a few things in this episode, including declining the suggestion to name the team "The Ceremonials," a suggestion made by Florence. During the elimination, Dusk pulls out drums and drum sticks and begins to "do awesome stuff" as she calls it.

In "Don't Play With Magic", Dusk sits out during the challenge for The Mermaids, while Quinn sits out for Harrison's Team. Florence praises Dusk for taking one for the team. During the challenge, Dusk cheers on her team, notably Florence, who is the only one on her team who attempts the challenge. At the elimination, Dusk is in the bottom two, recieving one vote from Ariel, and her only vote of the season.

Dusk is put on TEAM 1 with Carmonta and Katy Perry as a result of the team switch in "I Thought This Was Finale??". Dusk says bye to Florence, and tells her that she will miss her.

In "JUST REPLACE RUSSELL WITH HODA. CHEERS.", Dusk's personality is shown the fullest during her trainwreck performance with YOLOnda. The pair agrees to do a singing performance, and are the first team to perform. Dusk walks on stage, and begins singing Counting Stars, while YOLOnda stumbles backstage and begins drinking. Dusk panics, ordering YOLOnda to sing, eventually calling her lazy and giving up. Dusk is disturbed by Sandara's performance just like the other contestants, and covers her eyes.

Fortunately being a double elimination episode, Dusk mysteriously vanishes before the elimination, and becomes the final pre-jury member and first eliminated contestant of the episode. Sandara is eliminated later that night.

Voting HistoryEdit

Dusk's Voting History
Episode Dusk's
Voted Against
1 Immune
2 Ariel Ariel
3 Immune
4 N/A


  • Dusk was played by TDfan10.